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the scarlet hotel tranquil room


From the comfort of the art-filled library to the soothing silence of the deep relaxation room. Those who wish to remain within the lodging may take advantage of a massage, facial or other treatment in the spa, or to renew the body in a yoga or movement session. Breathing fresh air and exploring invigorating coastlines often whets the appetite.


eco-friendly resorts

suspended cocoon pods


daredroid cocktail making dress

the cocktail making dress

The Daredroid is a biomechanic cocktail making dress that uses medical technology, customised hardware and human temperament to provide you with a freshly made cocktail. The human host and robotic dress work together to provide you with a cocktail in exchange for a game of “Truth or Dare.” Cocktails are dispensed accordingly.

sustainable dance floor

sustainable dance floor

The first dance floor was created by Studio Roosegaarde uses mechanisms and embedded technologies as a means to harvest energy. Via interactive technologies a sensual and interactive environment is created in which dancers are engaged with the sustainable experience.

monitor your posture with smart yoga clothes

Posture Monitoring yoga

The Nadi X experience empowers you to embrace yoga on your own terms. Our innovative technology, featuring integrated sensors and haptic feedback (vibration), is designed to elevate your yoga practice. Nadi X is perfect for pre and post workouts, whether you are at home or away.

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sustainable fashion

vegan leather shoes
sustainable cotton shirt by beryl mann

Ajna’s designer Beryl Man talks collection

“We will make such a huge impact to the environment if we change the way of conventional farming practices,” she says. “Currently, a million tons are traded every year. Organic Cotton also is easier for consumers to understand through mainstream marketing. So for me, this is the foundation of the collection.”Beryl Mann loves “Ahimsa Silk,” a kind of wild natural silk that harvest without harming the silk worms and give irregular, natural and raw looks to each piece of clothing.


what architects do in their spare time

Thomas Modeen a partner in the rm Small Architecture took it upon himself to combine the technical stylings of architectural construction and art in a series simply entitled Paper Cuts. This complex yet playful expression of moving sculptures uses paper to create methodological works by laser cutting it into technical windows, strips and shadows.

Finnish born UK/US trained designer and architect

Using a computer to map out patterns and later hand weaving the layers the visual affect are rich in texture. The pieces have an organic appearance taking inspiration from the ocean, geography and architecture but adhere to Dr. Modeen’s training in structure.The idea is always to change the viewers relationship with something as simple as paper, the history of paper invented for communication stems back to A.D. 105 China or even earlier as the information is a little unclear.


paper cuts afternoon by dr thomas modeen

Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA)

The innovative Masdar Plaza is an excellent example of LAVA’s talent for incorporating luxurious vacation and futuristic design. Created for the hear t of Masdar City in Abu Dhabi. This “Oasis of the Future” houses a hotel, conference center, and spacious grounds for leisurely socialization and activity. Graceful, white structures resembling enormous inverted umbrellas capture solar energy while providing shade to those enjoying the outdoor center during the day.


zero waste city

Featured in segments on CNN and BBC, Future Hotel is a luxury suite with smooth, curvaceous walls reminiscent of the interior of a seashell. The bath area houses many of the amenities of a day spa, and the comfortable, modern bed glides gently, rocking its guest to sleep. The room responds to the patron, lights illuminating as the oor senses the weight and movement of footsteps. The color of the walls can be changed in an instant, varying from soothing white to colors such as a calming green or sumptuous red.

solar energy collectors designed by lava architects