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Looking Back: The First Issue of The Future

 Issue 001 Published in 2009


Let’s take a look back at the first issue of a magazine that was ahead of its time. A pioneer that paved the way for the future of sustainable living, design and service. The first issue celebrated designers are pioneers.

The Vision

The Vision was ahead of its time, featuring innovative design in technology and sustainability with, diverse perspectives, and bold ideas. Its influence can still be felt today as we’re seeing some of these designs enter the marketplace over the last five years.

The Cover Story

In 2009, the cover of “Thinkmag” featured a photo of an outdoor light made out of cardboard.
It was designed to weather and decompose leaving zero waste behind. The light bulb and hardware could be reused in another cardboard outdoor light.

The Features

The first issue featured a compressed-air powered AIRPod car. Perfect for city dwellers it left zero pollution in its wake. It was ahead of it’s time with its focus on technology, zero emissions and design.
Take a step back in time with us!

The Reviews

The first issue of our magazine broke new ground with its innovative design, diverse content, and cutting-edge perspectives. We set the bar high!

The Impact

The first issue of our magazine set the tone for our commitment to exploring the most pressing issues of our time in a thoughtful way.

As we reflect on the groundbreaking first issue of this magazine, we are reminded that true innovation is never out of style.

Thank you for taking a trip down memory lane with us and celebrating the innovative spirit of our first issue.


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