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Magazine Archive circa 2009-2011

When this magazine started I was told content about sustainability would never fly. This magazine does not react to the present. It has always looked forward to the future and reported on what was yet to come. Now looking at all the back issues you’ll notice that most of the things that served as content for the magazine are now here. It is imperative to distinguish between following and leading. The magazine started in 2009 and right out of the gate I established a direction that was strong and highly identifiable. Out of the sixteen issues ten have exclusive covers. The magazine attracted brand collabs, with The British Museum, Krups, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Knoll Furniture, Future Show Dubai to name a few. I’ve worked with creatives around the world who had a similar ethos as myself and graciously contributed their work. The bar is set fairly high for the comeback issue and I intend to rise to meet and surpass that challenge.

“THINK mag is an online digital glossy for sustainable living featuring quality craftsmanship in design and service for all facets of a greener lifestyle. Stunning global editorials take you to beautiful destinations where reducing waste is paramount and luxury is compulsory. Providing a unique offering in all areas of sustainable travel, fashion, design, and wearable technology. Articles take you inside the designers behind the products where the viewer will learn how easy it is to make sustainability beautiful. THINK mag represents a collective of people who are leading or who are interested in a progressive lifestyle.”